Unparalleled Inventory Control

Live inventory across all retail stores, web store and warehouses 24 x 7 - see your stock instantly and move it to where it is selling fast!

Advantages of the Retail Cloud

The Retail Cloud delivers real-time access to all operational and financial data from right across the business, driving productivity and efficiency, enhancing customer service and informing better decision-making.

Any time access to your business information

Low / no store POS setup and admin

Business data safe and secure in the cloud

With the best bits of an enterprise strength POS solution – local master data – which delivers lightning fast local POS operation all day, every day no matter what happens to the internet.

Simply install Magenta’s cloud solution local client on any Windows or Android device, give it your cloud address and let it take care of the details.  It will download a local cache of your core master data and you’re open for business.  No internet worries.  No errors.  All day.  Every day.

More details:  When your store is online, so is your POS:

  • Master data changes in the cloud replicate seamlessly to the POS
  • POS transactions operate locally using local data for blindingly fast operation
  • Transactions copy to the cloud < 1 second after each transaction so your business information in the cloud is always right up to date.
And during those inevitable times when a store is offline, POS continues using the latest available master data and stores transactions locally.  As soon as the store is back online, so is your POS.  Offline transactions automatically copy to the cloud.  You don’t need to do anything.
Let’s face it.  Stuff happens.  And when it does, your stores still need to trade.  Modems, routers and other network equipment does fail.  ISPs do have problems.  Network cables do get cut.  Mobile Internet doesn’t always work reliably especially in shopping centre “concrete jungles”.  With Magenta’s cloud hybrid solution, it doesn’t matter!

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