Enabler has undergone a technology update to the tools used to create it.
In order to upgrade to the latest version, Windows 2000 SP4 or greater is required.
If upgrading from a version that is less than 4-35 please contact support prior to upgrading.
Please download the following document for more information.

Enabler Technology Update

Enabler Version Downloads

Title Description
Enabler Install CD Required to install Enabler 4.90.00 on new/rebuilt machines
Auto Upgrade Package Auto Upgrade Package for v4.92.09
Manual Upgrade Package Manual Upgrade Package for v4.92.09
Enabler Upgrade Documentation Instructions for performing Manual/Auto Upgrades

Latest Enabler Documentation

Title Description
Version notes Enabler 4.92 Version Notes
Generic Logfile Interface Document Format Reference Guide for Enabler HOS Export files
Generic Masterfile Interface Document Format Reference Guide for Enabler ISL Import files

Other Enabler Documentation

zipPay demonstrationDemonstration how zipPay integrates with POSs

Title Description
Enabler Version Notes Archive Version notes for previous Enabler versions